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An Introduction to Crash Games

Crash games are a unique and exhilarating new online casino game genre that is growing as exponentially as their multipliers, and you’ll find a selection of the best at EmuCasino.

What is a Crash Game?

Crash games are a new and unique online casino game type that is slowly gaining popularity for its simple and engaging gameplay. While crash games now come in a variety of different themes and styles, the bare bones basics include an increasing bet multiplier that will randomly stop, or crash. It is up to the player to place their bets and cash out with their winnings before the multiplier crashes, hence the name ‘Crash Game’.

It is a fun alternative to traditional online slot games, and gives players the opportunity to engage in more active gameplay and strategy.

The basics of a crash game is quite standard across the genre, making it easy to learn and apply those betting skills to different crash games. For those who are less familiar with a genre, here is a crash course on crash games to help you get started:

How to Play Crash Casino Games

Crash games are split into rounds. In each round, the multiplier will begin increasing before eventually crashing at a random point. There will be a short break between rounds to give players the chance to place their bets.

Step 1: Place your Bets

To begin, place your bet at the start of a new round. Some crash games allow players to place bets for the next round during an ongoing round.

Some crash games may allow you to place only one bet per round, while other games allow you to place up to 3 bets per round. Individually adjustable bets makes many of these crash games very customisable based on your playstyle.


Step 2: Watch the Multiplier Rise

When the round begins, the multiplier will begin to increase from a starting multiplier of 1.00x. This will be displayed at the centre of the screen, and some games will display the increasing payout amount in real cash values based on your bet.


Step 3: Cash Out!

Players can cash out on their bet at any time after the round begins. When you cash out, your payout for the round will be based on the multiplier that you cashed out at.

Be Careful Not to Crash

The multiplier will ‘crash’ and stop increasing at a random point after the game begins, which is what gives the genre its name.


If a player has not cashed out before the multiplier crashes, then they will lose their bet for that round. The goal is to cash out just before the multiplier crashes for the highest possible payout.

There is no real way to ‘predict’ the crash, as it is entirely based on luck and chance. Players can take the safe approach and cash out early to avoid crashing and losing their bet. Or, those brave enough to take high risks can reap even higher rewards by waiting for huge multipliers, but of course that comes at the risk of crashing before reaching the desired amount and losing it all.


Some crash games feature an ‘Auto Cashout’ option that allows players to select a predetermined multiplier to automatically cash out their bet at if reached. Games that allow more than one bet per round that have this feature often allow players to adjust the Auto Cashout multipliers independently from each other.

Since all crash games follow the same basic framework, once you know how to play one crash game, you’ll easily be able to play others too! It’s a fun and exciting game of luck, strategy, and perseverance.

Play Some Top Online Casino Games Now

Interested in trying your hand at some exhilarating, strategic gameplay? Here is a selection of crash games now available at EmuCasino:

Play Spaceman by Pragmatic Play


Quick Spaceman Facts:

  • Game Provider: pragmatic-play-logo
  • Minimum Bet: $1.00
  • Maximum Bet: $100.00
  • Theoretical Payout: 96.5%
  • Maximum Multiplier: 5,000x
  • Special Features: 50% Cashout, Live chat with other players

Try your luck in outer space by playing Spaceman, a crash game themed around the journey of the eponymous Spaceman as he ascends up into the cosmos, with the multiplier increasing as he flies higher and higher.

There is also a social aspect to this game with its live chat function that allows you to talk to fellow crash gamers while playing. It’s a fun way to get involved with the crash game community and interact with other like-minded folk.


Although this crash game only allows you to place one bet, it has a unique 50% Cashout feature that makes it stand out from the rest. This button allows you to cash out 50% of your bet to secure some of your winnings, whilst the other 50% remains on the Spaceman as the multiplier continues to increase. This second 50% can be cashed out at a later point, potentially helping you earn higher wins with less fear. The game also has an Auto Cashout function for both 50% and 100% of your bet.

Play Triple Cash or Crash by Betsoft


Quick Triple Cash or Crash Facts:

  • Game Provider: betsoft-logo
  • Minimum Bet: $0.01
  • Maximum Bet: $5.00
  • Theoretical Payout: 96%
  • Maximum Multiplier: 100,000x
  • Special Features: Can place 3 simultaneous bets in 1 round

For those keen to explore more of outer space, check out Triple Cash or Crash, Betsoft’s first foray into the world of crash games and one of EmuCasino’s newest additions to their growing crash game catalogue. It features clean graphics, an out-of-this-world space theme, and a massive maximum multiplier of 100,000x your bet.

What makes this game stand out in particular is the fact it allows players to place three bets in a single round. Each bet, which is represented by astronauts you have to eject from the rocket before it crashes, can be individually adjusted to the player’s liking. The game also comes with a useful Auto Cashout feature that can be customised for each astronaut.

To learn more about this game and how to play, check out EmuCasino’s in depth Triple Cash or Crash launch page.

Play Goblin Run by Evoplay


Quick Goblin Run Facts:

  • Game Provider: evoplay-logo
  • Minimum Bet: $1.00
  • Maximum Bet: $750.00
  • Theoretical Payout: 96.04%
  • Maximum Multiplier: 1,000x
  • Special Features: Live chat with other players, customisable characters

This fun goblin themed crash game takes a step away from the graphs in favour of a highly engaging 3D animated fantasy world. In this game, you take on the role of a goblin (or goblins, as you are able to make up to two bets per round) trying to outrun a giant dragon.

There are several different environments, which makes the game visually engaging and exciting as you watch your goblin chase after the potential 1,000x maximum multiplier. There is also a social aspect to this crash game, as players are able to chat to each other and can even customise their goblin to their liking. The game also features an Auto Cashout option that can be adjusted for each bet individually.

To Close (not Crash)

For casino game enthusiasts who are looking to spice up their gameplay with something new and innovative, then crash games are a fantastic choice. The simple yet engaging gameplay that tests luck, perseverance, and strategy will have you at the edge of your seat.  More and more providers are putting their own unique spin on the crash game genre, so expect to see even more exciting new games joining EmuCasino.

If you’re keen to learn more about other online casino game types, we recommend you check out our best of Megaways slots and our guide to understanding online roulette.

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