Virtual Reality Casinos: Looking at the Future of Gaming Through the Keyhole

The world of online gambling continues to grow more exhilarating and fun thanks to the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR). From static gaming to a dynamic space you can explore and interact with, the era we have all been waiting for is approaching fast.

Wait… What Is Virtual Reality?

We all have our definitions of what Virtual Reality is and it might seem self-evident but there are countless definitions of VR today so let’s clarify that. Virtual Reality is a technology designed to trick the brain into believing something is real even when it isn’t. Historically, film is considered a byproduct of VR as it can influence our sense of reality but we don’t think of them as being one and the same, do we?

The Era of Virtual Reality


The Before

We’ve come a long way since 1838 when Charles Wheatstone demonstrated that the brain combines two-dimensional images from each eye into a three-dimensional object. Through his stereoscope, the user could see two side-by-side “stereoscopic” images or photos.

The later development of the stereoscope is the View-Master stereoscope which was used initially for “virtual tourism” and later given to children to live inside their favourite Disney movies for a few moments! However, the first VR set is considered to be the head-mounted augmented reality display called the “Sword of Damocles” created by Ivan Sutherland in the late 60s. It was the first ever system to allow users to interact with a virtual world in real-time.

Despite this, the first commercially available virtual reality systems were only introduced in the 80s and 90s. One of the most notable examples was the Virtuality arcade system which allowed users to play games in a fully immersive virtual world. These systems, however, were expensive and required powerful computers so VR wasn’t a “thing” back then.

In this very short history review – and since we mentioned Disney – we should also talk about Nintendo’s Pokémon Go which introduced us to an exciting Artificial Reality experience as we ran around cities to catch virtual monsters. Now imagine what will happen if we combine AR and VR.

The After

Today, we’re still dealing with compromises when it comes to augmented and virtual reality devices… but not for long. This is because VR is much more developed than the systems in the market that lack wide field view and 3D sensing technology.

The adoption of virtual reality is accelerating with the release of advanced systems such as the Oculus Rift which has been paired with 360 cameras. The future is promising thanks to enhancements in hardware and graphics, the integration of 3D sensors and the development of lighter and more comfortable headsets. To take it one step further, it has been reported that Mojo has already developed VR contact lenses for immersive gaming although they’re not on the market yet!

New AR glasses are expected to come with LTE capabilities that will become an alternative to the smartphone. What is now cutting-edge technology will take on a completely new form factor so maybe you shouldn’t throw away your “iPhone 200” but instead keep it as a collectible for future generations.

Most importantly, the technology is becoming more accessible and affordable as time goes by, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the immersive experience of Virtual Reality Casinos. As it stands, the initial cost of VR hardware which includes high-quality headsets and controllers can be prohibitive for some players. However, when the prices decrease and the aforementioned hardware becomes more affordable and accessible as a result, this technology may become more widely adopted in the future.

A Match Made in Heaven: Virtual Reality and Online Casinos


Whether it’s exploring alien landscapes, solving puzzles in a virtual escape room or playing live blackjack and roulette, VR has brought a new dimension to gaming and is bound to bring so many new casino games to a whole new level of gameplay.

The marriage of virtual reality and online gambling is inevitable – the ultimate result of the natural progression of time and technological advancement. By combining the convenience of online gambling with the immersive experience of a physical casino, virtual reality casinos will be unmatched.

Using AR/VR technology, we will be able to hear the thrilling sounds of slot machines – the jingling coins, the rhythmic beeping and the catchy tunes – as well as the more elegant soft but crisp rustling sounds of a deck of cards being handled to such an extent that we will feel as if we are in a physical casino.

However, what will make VR Casinos and what already makes live dealer games even more thrilling than purely digital ones is the ability to socialise from the comfort of your own home. This way, players can chat with each other, play multiplayer games and attend virtual events without leaving their house. Whether you will be required to wear a tuxedo as opposed to staying in your fluffy pyjamas for all this in the future remains to be seen but we can safely assume that you will have your own avatar that you can use to avoid the trouble of dressing up.

Now.. What About the Challenges?

To reach a broader audience, VR casino platforms should become cross-platform compatible. This way, players will be able to access virtual reality casinos from a variety of devices including VR headsets, gaming consoles, PCs and even mobile devices without compromising on the quality of their gameplay.

Virtual Reality Casinos also pose regulatory challenges. To ensure fair play, responsible gambling and player protection, clear guidelines and regulations must be established.

Regulatory frameworks must evolve with technological advancements and shifting player preferences. Achieving this goal involves steps such as focusing on enhanced player protection measures and stricter advertising controls as well as leveraging technology for oversight​​ purposes.

Blockchain technology can enhance security and transparency in virtual reality casinos. By using blockchain technology, all gaming activities are transparent and secure, fraud is prevented and transactions are kept safe.

Finally, stakeholders should place an emphasis on responsible gaming and take proactive and significant initiatives in relation to responsible gaming. These include self-exclusion tools and deposit limits which should be a top priority.

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