Christmas & New Year’s Eve Traditions To Bring You Luck & Wealth This Year

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are celebrated by many cultures across the globe and almost every family has their very own traditions that are believed to bring them luck and wealth. If you’re expecting to play poker, slots or any other game during the festive seasons, try following some of these traditions; while we can’t scientifically prove that they can ring in good fortune, they will definitely set the right mood.

Curious to learn more about unique traditions that bring luck and wealth from across the globe? Some favourites involve inviting lucky people to the house, eating grapes and making some noise!

Christmas Superstitions for Luck and Wealth


There are so many Christmas superstitions around the world. As the countdown to Christmas continues, let’s take a look at some of the superstitions specifically associated with this holiday.

Clean Your House With a Broom…

Italians thoroughly clean their homes before Christmas Eve. As dust and dirt are swept away, bad luck goes out of the house and good luck comes in, paving the way for prosperity to enter the holiday season.

…Or Simply Lock Up Your Brooms

While Italians take their brooms out, Norwegians lock them up. Christmas Eve is the time when witches and demons can roam among people and bring them bad luck. If you don’t want them to fly to your home, make sure to hide your brooms; you can always clean the house with a modern vacuum cleaner.

Eat Round-Shaped Foods

In the Philippines, families prepare round-shaped dishes, such as round fruits and sweets, symbolising coins. By eating the ‘coins’, you are filling yourself with prosperity and abundance.

Prepare a Christmas Pudding but Stir It the Right Way

English families prepare their favourite Christmas pudding on the last Sunday before Advent. However, there is a very particular way to do it according to superstition. You must stir from east to west in memory of the journey of the Three Wise Men as they travelled to see baby Jesus. If you do that, your good luck and wish for the upcoming year will be granted.

New Year’s Traditions to Bring Luck and Wealth

A new year means new beginnings and who wouldn’t want to begin on the right foot? You’ll want to make 2024 your best year yet when the clock strikes 12 on December 31 so we’ve drawn together a collection of superstitions that can make the “most wonderful time of the year” the luckiest one as well.

Start the New Year With the Right Foot and the Right Person


In Scotland and Greece, the “first foot” – the first person who enters your home after midnight – will either bring good or bad luck so choose wisely! Pick the luckiest one among your friends and family and ask them to enter your house on New Year’s Eve but make sure they are the first ones, they enter with the right foot and they don’t come empty-handed!

Although it sounds like a lot to do, imagine what could happen if someone with bad luck enters the house first.

Eat 12 Grapes

In Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, people eat “doce uvas” – twelve grapes, one at each stroke of the clock before midnight. The grapes represent each month of the year so be sure not to miss any!

Make Some Noise

In the States and, in fact, across the globe, New Year’s Eve is nothing without some noise. Noise is said to ward off evil spirits and intentions at midnight as you enter a new year. Dance, sing, see the fireworks and scare all evil spirits away.

Make A Wish


New Year’s wishes in Russia are taken very seriously and people go above and beyond to ensure they come true. Russians write their wishes on paper then burn the paper and put the ashes into a glass of champagne before drinking it. Cheers!

Wear Red

In China, you dress in red for good luck. There is no doubt that underwear is a critical component of New Year’s traditions around the world so make sure you follow this underwear colour guide for your outfit to look its best.

Fill Your House With Money

In the Philippines, people wear polka-dotted clothes and the kids jump around the house as high as they can in the hopes of growing a few inches taller. When midnight strikes, they scatter coins in every room to bring prosperity in the new year so just spread some money around.

Last but Not Least, Do You Want to Know Who Will Be Lucky This Year?

Well, if you do, you should try a “vasilopita”. Vasilopita is a traditional Greek cake and while recipes may differ, they have one thing in common – a coin in the dough.

In the first minutes of the new year, the family and guests will cut the cake and the person who finds the coin in their slice will have luck all year round! To ensure good fortune, make sure to leave a piece for your home when you cut the vasilopita; that way, you will fill it with blessings and wealth in the new year.

Are You Ready to Find Your Luck in 2024?


We all have our personal superstitions and family traditions that we hope will bring us some good fortune. Yes, we can’t prove it but they are still fun and make us feel more positive.

In light of that, see how many of these you can get done in the hours before the countdown to bring you some luck if you’re looking for big wins next year.

At EmuCasino, we’re sure to get festive. Try your luck with your favourite online games or get in the holiday spirit with A Christmas Carol, Space Christmas, Merry Scary Christmas and Christmas Deal. Happy Holidays!

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