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The Truth Behind Online Casinos’ Top Misconceptions

Dispelling the common perceptions on online casinos and shedding some light on the important aspects of casino operations.

Online casinos have long been questioned by a few unfounded views, stemming from the lack of knowledge about casino governance to the conspiracy theories flamboyantly tossed around on the internet.

Why are these casinos always a subject of constant criticism? What sets them apart from any other paid entertainment hub? What triggers the false alarm to a facility of enjoyment? Is anything gratifying easily brushed off as improper with no need of substantial reasoning?

That was a long trail of angst-fuelled questions to make a point but most worry only because they haven’t got a clue on what goes around behind these gaming platforms.

Simply put, all of us need to wrap our logical minds around the dilemma and doubts cast upon the iGaming industry and we here at EmuCasino are going to just do that; unravel the online gambling conundrum once and for all !

Top 5 Online Casino Misconceptions :

Legality of Online Casinos

One of the main conjectures revolving the casino realm would be related to the legality of the industry itself – Is gambling online illegal? 

Countries like Brunei makes it clear that the law of the country prohibits any sort of online gambling sites within the nation. So, the answer to the legality depends on the jurisdiction.

So get your facts checked and play your favourite games on regulated sites. For a more detailed explanation on regulated sites, take a look at our previous article: Q&A guide on Online Casino Licensing.

Security and Payments Online

Besides worrying if you stepped on the wrong side of the law, you wouldn’t want strange people having access to your personal data or risk your money unknowingly.

This brings us to the initiatives and steps taken by gaming sites from a security and technology standpoint. Most sites are protected with digital encryption technology such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This high level security system guards the personal and financial data of players giving no room for invasion of your private information.

A simple way to check if your game webpage is secured will be to check the URL and make sure it begins with “https://” instead of “http://”. On the other hand, if you are using Chrome, check the left of the web address on your toolbar, where you will be able to check the security status of the site. A compliant casino provider would have all these security measures in place and will usually be regulated under several guidelines aimed to provide players a safe environment.


Another unsupported claim would be that withdrawals are made difficult on these sites. This is untrue as most secure sites would provide information on deposit and withdrawal duration based on the payment methods on their site. Longer time is usually required for verification and approval process. All which is part and parcel of a safe and secure system.

On your next visit, just browse through the website by learning about the security and payment methods within the site. So you’ll be able to play with better knowledge and a peace of mind.

Addiction and Underage Gambling

Online casinos do not promote addiction nor underage gambling. If at all, reputable casinos pay an admirable amount of importance in taking care of their players. Any sign or behaviour of problem gambling is quickly addressed and underage gambling is completely banned by ensuring customers provide identification proof. Additionally, license providers also impose a set of regulations to minimise the risk of problem gambling to casinos.

Apart from that, sites like EmuCasino in our effort to minimise problem gambling and have introduced a set of controls to limit players’ time and funds within the site. To learn more, check out our Responsible Gaming page.

Promotion and Bonuses

Anything that comes with flashy pop-ups and offers to double your amount cannot possibly be true or is it? Instead of losing on great opportunities, just read up the terms and conditions that come with these casino giveaways. Promotion as opposed to another misled belief will not reduce your chances of winning.

Of course, casino operators benefit by having these offers but not by lowering your winning odds. They offer deposit bonuses and the likes of it to attract more players and ultimately sustain a successful casino. As we will discuss later, your winning odds have nothing to do with the casino platform or the gaming providers as it is merely a system.


Winning Odds

What about the winning odds you may ask, certainly there must be some amount of foul play? Just because you don’t win the jackpot does not mean the games are rigged and the whole system is against you. These gaming platforms simply cannot fix results to suit their agenda.

Again, we have regulators such as an eCogra to keep an eye out for unethical game system and makes sure the software are tested before it goes out public. The possibility of rigged games are slim to none when it comes down to casino sites with a valid license.


We’ve discussed the most talked about issues concerning gambling platforms and hope we have shattered more than a fraction of any misconceived opinions you may have. Of course exercising additional diligence is never a bad thing and if you need a place to start, just browse through casino reviews for the best online casinos that are licensed and regulated.

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