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7 Ways to Make the Most of Playing Slots Online

There are a few key things to keep in mind to help you maximise the pleasure of playing slots.

It is not uncommon for gamblers to seek out books and online articles that would hopefully teach them the secret to beating the system.

The truth is, whichever online slot game you choose to play, there’s nothing you can do to alter the probability embedded in the game or directly influence the outcome of your every spin. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind to make playing slots online as rewarding as possible.


Try out a variety of games

Staying in our comfort zone is, well, comfortable. As a result, most of us gravitate towards what’s most familiar to us.

While it’s totally okay to have a few favourite titles that you click on every time you log in to your player account, you should regularly give other slot games a try to keep every gaming session fresh and exciting. This is made especially easy with the accessibility of thousands of slots online.

If adventure-themed video slots are your favorites to make countless spins on, why not try a game in the culture category today instead?

You never know when you might stumble across a nugget of gold as a result of your decision to be a little more adventurous.

Aim for online slots with the highest RTP

While you are exploring new slot options, keep in mind that every game has a different return-to-player (RTP) rate. RTP is the percentage of wagers returned to players over a period of time or a set number of spins.

In simple terms, the higher the RTP, the better the payouts you can expect from the game. For instance, an online slot game with an RTP of 93% will return that percentage of total bets to players and keep the remaining 7%.

A game with an RTP of 95% or more is generally considered to offer good payouts. At EmuCasino, some of the online slots with the highest RTP are The Wild Chase, Sakura Fortune and Sticky Bandits. Give these a try and thank us later.

Take advantage of casino bonuses

Whether they are free spins, welcome match bonuses or even birthday gifts, it would be a shame to ignore these special treats from online casinos.

Some casinos even plan promotions in conjunction with festive seasons or special events. Besides welcome bonuses and cashbacks, EmuCasino offers players additional free spins and match bonuses through special campaigns during occasions such as Christmas, International Women’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day.

Yes, bonuses and promotions may come with annoying terms and conditions, but they are essentially free credits with which to have fun, try your luck and potentially win big in online slots.

Never go over budget


Never gamble with money you would need for other purposes in your life. Once you’ve wagered it, there’s no guarantee that it’ll come back to you. Therefore, whatever you wager while playing online slots should be funds you can afford to part with.

Whether you are riding the high of a big win or chasing losses, the outcomes of online slots are determined by random number generators, so whatever you got previously will not determine whether you are more likely to win or lose in the subsequent spins.

If you find yourself struggling to keep to your budget every time you play, you will do yourself a great favour by leveraging on responsible gaming tools that should be available at every reputable online casino.

For example, EmuCasino features a financial limit tool that allows players to set deposit, bet and loss limits. With this tool, you can prohibit yourself from depositing, betting and losing more than the amount you have set for your account.

Regardless of whether you are on a winning or losing streak, one element that is crucial to long-term gaming fulfilment is to never let emotions get the better of you.

Set time limit

Just like social media, gambling can easily suck all the time in your day if you don’t set boundaries. If you are a retired person with all the time and cash in the world to play with, that’s fine, but most of us mere mortals have other commitments to attend to each day.

You know you have a problem with gambling when you neglect important things such as house chores, going to work and feeding your kids just because you can’t step away from the screen.

To play online slots responsibly, give yourself a time limit before you start and, if you tend to lose track of time while having fun, set a timer or an alarm clock as a cue.

When you practise self-control, you are making the next time you log in to play an even more rewarding and well-deserved gaming experience.

Pick online slots with extra features

Watching the reels spin over and over again can feel monotonous sometimes. To keep things interesting, you can seek out online slots that include additional features such as scatters, bonus rounds, in-game free spins and multipliers.

An example of a slot with special features is The Golden Owl of Athena. Besides giving variations in gameplay, these extra features can increase your chance and ways of winning in online slots.


Most importantly, have fun

The point of gambling is to have fun, not to make an income off it. If you go into a gaming session with the sole intention to make a profit, you are robbing yourself of the real joy of online casino games.

Even if you don’t reap a great monetary reward after a round of slot games, what’s more important is that you enjoyed the thrill and suspense that come with spinning the reels.

Ultimately, the answer to getting the most out of playing slots online is to embrace the fun and play responsibly.

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