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Best of action hero-themed slots

You will have a variety of ‘tools’ at your disposal, including sniper rifles, garrote wires, switchblades, cyanide and more. We feel deeply sorry for whoever dares stands in your way.

Lights, camera, action!

Action hero-themed slots certainly carry an ability like none other to engage your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat. Indeed, they add more life and a whole new dimension of thrill to your gaming experience, keeping boredom at bay in a way that no other slots can. Below, we have compiled a list of adrenaline-pumping slots inspired by action heroes. Without further ado, let the bullets fly and displays of valor commence.

Lara Croft Temples and Tombs


Ready to step into the shoes of the legendary tomb raider Lara Croft as you set your sights on the next daring adventure? This time, you are given intel on some ancient Egyptian tombs of the pharaoh that holds untold treasure; can you claim it before the bad guys succeed in foiling your plan? Go in guns blazing and rappel your way past bobby traps in this action-packed masterpiece developed by Microgaming for diehard fans of the Tomb Raider franchise.

The level of the detail presented by the graphics in this game will immerse you into the world of Lara Croft for hours on end. The reels, which are depicted as stone blocks decorated with hieroglyphics, include various themed symbols such as marvelous sculptures of Egyptian gods, Lara Croft in various action poses wielding her pistols, and more. The background depicts ancient-Egyptian style stone columns and ruins – an enchanting setting for Ms. Croft’s next quest. Be sure to also check out other Lara-Croft inspired slots.

Terminator 2 Remastered


Evade danger alongside John Conner and his unexpected savior The Terminator in this highly acclaimed slot game by Microgaming inspired by the classic movie. Evade the T-1000 and unleash utter mayhem across the city in this action-packed thriller.

This game features scenes of the movie which play each time you strike a winning combo. Combined with special features inspired by both the T-800 and T-1000 terminator models’ abilities, you’ll feel as if you are a main character in the movie.  The reel area is depicted as solid metal and the background shows the terminator’s metal skeleton. Ready to battle all that Skynet has to throw at you and rescue the future of humanity? 



Time to get cunning, stealthy, and downright brutal in Microgaming’s Hitman, which were inspired by the movies that had people adrenalized on the edge of their seats. Step into the shoes of an assassin and get ready to put the bad guys out of business once and for good. You will have a variety of ‘tools’ at your disposal, including sniper rifles, garrot wires, switchblades, cyanide and more. We feel deeply sorry for whoever dares stands in your way.

In terms of its designs and visuals, this game just screams stealth and assassination. The reels are pitch black, which is appropriate given the theme, and contain a variety of weapons and scenes of Hitman in action. Hitman also comes with innovative special features that bring out your inner assassin even further, including a Contract and Insignia Bonus feature.

Agent Jane Blonde Returns


Next up is a much-anticipated sequel to the hit original slot game that brought out the inner spy in so many players. Ready to learn the tricks of the trade and become a master of espionage? Agent Jane Blonde, as her name implies, can be thought of as the female version of James Bond – rest assured, she is every bit as charming, cunning, and fearless.  Using a combination of gadgets, good looks and stealthy tactics, it’s all on you to take down the villains in style.

The visuals in Agent Jane Blonde set the stage for an epic spy expedition. The symbols on the reels feature various props such as a GPS watch, passports, various currencies, a purse, a silencer pistol, a getaway car, and various scenes of Ms. Blonde in action. The background depicts a majestic view of an illuminated city at nighttime seen from the vantage point of across a lake – looks like you may require your diving gear for this mission. By virtue of her beauty, Agent Jane Blonde often gets underestimated by the bad guys; now’s the time to use this to your advantage and wreak some real havoc on the criminal underworld that plagues this city.

Indiana’s Quest


Brace yourself as Indiana Jones swings and rappels his way onto the reels and takes you by the hand on another wild adventure! If you count yourself a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, then you will not want to miss this masterpiece by EvoPlay. This time, Indiana has his sights set on long-lost treasure hidden in some ancient ruins deep in the jungle. Can you evade the bad guys and dodge endless boobytraps to lay claim to the precious artifacts that await you?

The visuals in Indiana’s Quest are characterized by a high level of detail and smooth animations. The symbols, which include various carved indigenous style faces and artifacts, are presented in stone blocks surrounded by exotically carved rocks. To the left stands an animated Indiana Jones, looking ready to do what he does best. The background depicts dense jungle stretching as far as the eye can see. This game also comes with a Wild, Scatter, Free Spins and Multiplier feature that will add additional layer of thrill to your adventure.

Seeking more action?

Most of all the games discussed above have sequels and games that are closely related, so be sure to explore further for more action-packed titles, of which there are countless. To help you out in that regard, we recommend that you check out EmuCasino, which is an online casino that specializes in slots; in it, you will find an astounding variety of action-packed slot games that will keep you enthralled for hours on end.

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