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Best of adventure-themed slots

The ability of a well-furnished slot game to take you on a wild adventure simply cannot be underestimated.

Highlighting the best of adventure-themed slots

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? The ability of a well-furnished slot game to take you on a bewildering tour to the ends of the cosmos cannot be underestimated. Especially given the advance of slot technology in recent times, the adventures just keep getting bigger and better. Here, we have handpicked some samples of hard-hitting adventure-themed slot games.

Indulge in various shenanigans in Wild Tome of the Woods


So, you decided to go trekking through the woods and for whatever reason have taken an unusual detour. Soon after, you discover to your shock and bewilderment a community of peculiar forest animals. From the piercing wisdom of the owl, to the wonky inquisitiveness of the frog, you’re in for your fair share of intriguing displays. Oh, and these guys also know how to make various potions that will allow you to see what cannot be seen and surpass the limits of mundane physics!

The beautifully rendered graphics in this game appear like something out of a fairytale novel. Each of the animals exudes their own character and takes on a life of their own. For that, you can thank the impressive level of detail that the artists at Quickspin have furnished.

Step into the shoes of a legendary explorer in Indiana’s Quest


We all knew that Indiana Jones was an adventurous character, but few suspected that he would rappel his way into the world of slot games. If you’re a fan of the moves, then you’re going to want to try your hand at the slot game adaptation of this legendary explorer. Rest assured, the spirit of the great Indiana Jones graces these reels like pure evil graces the temple of doom!

The graphics in this game do justice to the legendary aura of Indiana Jones. The reels feature various carvings of tribal-style faces and appear to be something straight out of an archaeological excavation. An animated Indiana stands to the left of the reels underneath a swarm of fireflies, looking ready for a good time. Behind the reels stretches a dense jungle as far as the eye can see. All in all, this video slot game will make your imagination run wild!

Join the madness in Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah


So you’ve accidentally fallen down a rabbit hole only to lay your eyes upon a land of enchantment known as Wonderland. As you traverse further and further into Wonderland territory, you find increasingly peculiar spectacles, shattering all your ideas of what was possible. Those of you who are fans of the Alice in Wonderland movies and book are bound to be mesmerized by the sharp, spellbinding graphics that capture the overall spirit of the franchise.

This game also comes with a Rolling Reels feature, where winning symbols fall away to make room for new symbols. Also included is a progressive wheel feature where Wilds are collected during the Rolling Reels feature. Once this feature ends, you also have a chance to activate the Progresssive Wheel feature, which carries with it 1 out of 4 possible Jackpot wins, with the maximum being 1,000,000.00.

Explore a magical forest in Raccoon Tales


While the graphics in this game are fairly cartoonish and lighthearted in style, this game tells a rich story. As the player, you are taken on a wild adventure across enchanting lands filled with animated plants and trees. Each time you hit the ‘spin’ button, an enthusiastic little raccoon runs across the forest floor, bringing new sights into view. The rich colors of the plants and animated vigor of the raccoon is enough to absorb you in hours upon hours of enchantment.

Raccoon tales also comes with some innovative special features. This game features 5 types of monsters, whom you may battle after any winning round. In the battle, you must use your energy ball to defeat them. The power of your energy ball will depend upon how many winning symbols you end up with in a round. Each monster has its own bonus that you may earn by defeating it, so fight hard and use your raccoon-like cunning!

Go in guns blazing with Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs


When you hear the name ‘Lara Croft’, chances are your mind will be filled with various scenes and symbolism of epic action. This dual pistol wielding beauty means business when her determination consumes her. With Lara Croft at her best, no temple is safe from raiding, no mystery stays hidden, and no treasure remains out of reach.

As far as the design of the reels goes, you almost feel catapulted into one of the Tomb Raider movies; Ancient Egyptian symbols abound, rendered with impressive detail. You almost feel as if you have wound up in a tomb and need to fight your way out. Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs also comes with a pretty cool Jackpot and rolling reels feature, which are akin to the rewards and unpredictability you may find at the typical tomb that Lara enjoys raiding.

The adventure never ends

Well, there you have it! The ability of a well-furnished slot game to take you on a wild adventure simply cannot be underestimated. Particularly if you consider yourself a player with a highly active imagination, the sharp graphics and smooth animations of the idyllic slot game can take you on soul-enchanting journey.

Moreover, as slot gaming technology becomes increasingly refined, you can bet your bottom dollar (or whatever currency you’re using) that the adventures will only keep getting better. For a deeper dive into the awe-inspiring world of adventure-themed slot games, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to EmuCasino.

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