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Drool Over These 10 Irresistibly Adorable Online Slots

Brace yourself for a cuteness overload! Are you ready for your daily dose of adorable critters and absolute bliss? Well, your search ends here, because we have compiled a list of adorable slots. After all, who could possibly say no to the infamous puppy dog eyes?

If you find somebody who doesn’t have a soft spot for cute things, then you’ll have found yourself a liar. Forget mid-life crises and mind-numbing philosophical questions- the real bane of the human existence is adorable baby animals.

As some of you may agree, there’s nothing better to help you de-stress after a long and exhausting day than a good drink and a few spins on some reels. While some players may want to be whisked away on an adventure in an action-packed slot, really, what most players want is to let their worries melt away in a pastel-coloured cloud of sugar and cute animals.

So kick back your heels and get comfortable, because here’s the list of overwhelmingly adorable slots.


Gingerbread Joy

Unless you’re the Grinch, Christmastime is usually one of the happiest times of the year, as it represents a time when family and friends get together to have a good, hot meal, and chat about the year’s happenings.

While we don’t have a time machine for you to travel back to the old days (or at least, none that we are aware of), we do have a 5 reel 25 payline slot game that will bring back memories of the jolly season- Gingerbread Joy.

Crafted by 1 x 2 Gaming, this game will have your mouth watering for the crunchy goodness of gingerbread and fill your soul with a magical kind of warmth unlike any other. Mmm, can you smell the faint scent of gingerbread in the air already?


Lucky Stars

From how your day will go to how fulfilled you’ll feel in your career, your horoscope holds all the answers to any questions you may have about life- with one exception: Which horoscope will be the one bringing home the winnings today? For that, you’ll have to spin the reels of Lucky Stars to find out! If that’s not enough to convince you, this 5 reel 9 payline slot also features only the cutest little icons of the 12 zodiac signs. Whether you’re unravelling the universe’s greatest mysteries or just enjoying a little otherworldly adventure, this game has got your back.

Developed by Microgaming, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for the ever-present reel of multipliers and the bonus icon in the game. Who knows? Maybe everything you’ve been looking for is written in the stars.


Puppy Love

Adopt, don’t shop! That said, for those who are looking for a loyal companion to last through the lonely days, but can’t commit to the responsibility of caring for a life, we proudly present a game developed by Betsoft, Puppy Love. If you’ve ever teared up at online dog videos or gone out of your way to pat a dog, you’ll feel right at home with this game.

With five different breeds on this 5 reel 20 payline game, Puppy Love will make it difficult to pick any one pup as your favourite. Perhaps the best doggie of them all is the one that fetches the biggest rewards.

So grab the tastiest treat you have, cuddle up in your warmest blanket, and brace yourself for the rush of pure joy as you surround yourself with playful dogs.



When you find yourself rifling through your box of childhood trinkets, looking for your old Gameboy and hoping it’ll still work, chances are you miss the good old days. You know, the distant past when days were spent on worry-free gaming, and a time when government politics and health concerns were words for someone else to fuss over.

For those looking to relive the days when 8-bit Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda games were all the rage, MegaBoy is a game after your own heart. Complete with the adorable platforms and characters that are reminiscent of the days when every cool kid was playing Maple Story, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how nostalgic this slot could make you feel.

Lovingly created by iSoftBet, MegaBoy is just one of those games that manages to appeal to everyone and make players feel like they’ve never stopped being a child.


 Candy Dreams

Now this is what dreams are made of! To those who are still bitter that the Candy Crush craze died down, this one is for you. Satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings and also re-experience the addiction you once felt with Microgaming’s Candy Dreams.

The game features 7 reels of icons, and instead of incorporating the traditional payline system, any group made up of more than 5 pieces of candy would be considered a win. This unique touch makes it just that much easier to watch your dreams come true.

Treat yourself to this wondrous world entirely sculpted from sugar, cream, and everything nice. Once you’ve had a taste of that sweet victory, you might just never go back to the other plain old online slots any more.


Baby Bloomers

While we do agree that it’s never too late to celebrate Easter, we wouldn’t encourage hopping around hunting for chocolate eggs now, as you probably won’t find anything. Not to mention, you’ll definitely draw a few odd looks from passers-by.

What we do encourage, however, is to buy a few chocolate eggs and get into the Easter spirit with Booming Games’ slot, Baby Bloomers. Set in a field full of luscious green grass with all 3 reels filled with pastel-soft symbols, there’s no other slot that can emulate the Easter season quite like Baby Bloomers.

Even if you’re not a big fan of Easter and just want to forget about a bad day, the sight of the little hatching chick as the scatter symbol should be enough to make you crack a smile.


3 Charms Crush

If you simply can’t be bothered to keep up with the slots that have tons of special icons, but still want a slot that has that sleekness that only modern online slots do, you’ll have found the perfect slot in 3 Charms Crush.

With only 3 icons, clearly labelled paylines, multipliers and prizes, iSoftBet has created a slot that mixes the best of both modern and traditional slots, making a simple yet impeccable game. Consisting of 5 reels and 5 ways to win, players will find themselves almost involuntarily drawn into this whirlpool of cutesy creatures and potential Jackpot winnings.

They often say that ‘third time’s the charm’, but trust us when we say that you’ll definitely be having a crush the first time you set eyes on these 3 charms. 



Let’s be honest here, we’ve all wanted to fly at some point in our lives. Maybe we were inspired by the likes of Iron Man and Superman, or maybe we just admire the carefree nature of soaring above all else. Either way, the ability to fly like superheroes is not an experience entirely replicable by any human invention… yet.

Until the day human wings are invented, we can only rely on our imaginations and a little help from one of our favourite BetSoft slots, Birds!, to know what it feels like to fly. Centred around, you guessed it, birds, players can join a little family of these fluffy, feathery creatures hanging out on power lines in the 5 reel 25 payline game and chirrup the day away.

For the ones who have been working too hard and doing way too much, this is the game for you to sit back, relax and watch as the world goes by idly.


Kawaii Kitty

Not much of a bird lover or a dog person? Well, this is the slot you’ve been patiently waiting for: Kawaii Kitty. If you need a companion that’s less active than a dog, and easier to care for than a parrot, you’ll have found the purr-fect middle ground with cats. Cool, collected, and occasionally too curious for their own good, the reality of having a cat is that it’s usually the other way around, and that the cat owns you.

Comprised of 5 reels and 10 ways to win, you’d have to be crazy to be able to say no to the amazing expanding wilds and re-spin features of the game. Don’t even get us started on the adorable little kitten friend who will watch you spin the reels attentively, hoping for a treat or two from your winnings.

One step into this mesmerising kitty’s paradise, and you’ll be love-struck for good.


Yule Be Rich

Santa’s dropped by early, and he’s left this gift of a game! Nothing spells Christmas better than helpful little elves, chilly snowmen, and a good dusting of snow – and if you’re lucky, you might just be able to spot the old man himself and his reindeer galloping across the horizon, already delivering presents.

Yule Be Rich isn’t only meant to be played during the Yuletide season, it can be played whenever you need a pick-me-up, and a reason to look forward to the next day or the next month. So strap yourselves in, hold on tight to your reindeer, and have a go on this 5 reel 9 payline game.

Crafted by 1 x 2 Gaming, Yule Be Rich is a jolly game that encompasses everything you love about Christmas. With a little luck, you might just be able to win enough for more presents to put under the tree.

Be careful so you won’t spontaneously combust from an overload of cuteness when you play these slots! Just kidding, we’re pretty sure that shouldn’t be too much of a concern… For more slot recommendations, check out these 6 travel-inspired games that are just ideal for those bitten by the wanderlust bug. 

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