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How to Win Real Money with Online Slots

Most online slot games today offer a range of exciting features to help you win more – and have fun while you’re at it.

When it comes to being rewarded in online slots, there are several avenues where this can be achieved. Most obviously, the main game awards players for matching symbols from left to right across active paylines, which is the standard objective of most slot games today.

Not so obvious, however, are the myriad of ways that you can win big by way of the special features. These special features may include Progressive Jackpots, Free Spins, Multipliers, Bonus Game features and more.

Seeing as how innovation is a key factor in determining how much popularity a slot game achieves, the developers of any given online slots are afforded much room for creativity with regards to how they present the special features.

We will thus not only explain in depth the various ways in which you can get win real money in slots, but also select the best examples to illustrate our points.


Winning during the main game

Generally speaking, winning during the main game involves matching symbols from left to right across paylines. However, note that there are variations in the configuration of the paylines.

For instance, the paylines that a slot offers can either be fixed or unfixed, meaning that a given slot game may offer a set or fixed number of paylines that cannot be changed or it can offer a maximum number of paylines but allow you to select the number of paylines that you desire.


Moreover, slots can differ radically in the number of paylines offered. For instance, a slot may offer a single payline or 50, or even more than that! The number of paylines carries implications for your winning prospects because, generally speaking, the greater the number of paylines a slot game carries, the greater your chances of striking a win.

Note also, however, that less paylines typically translates to higher payouts per win, which compensates for the greater difficulty in striking a payline win.

Bonus Game wins

This is where the innovative prowess of some of the most respected software developers in the industry shines, as the Bonus Game includes a sort of mini game that complements the main game. Let’s use a 3D slot game as an example.


In Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders, the game theme is that of a tropical island somewhere filled with dangers and rewards around every corner. This theme is further complemented by the Bonus Game featured in the game, which entails ascending up a ladder in order to retrieve a stolen mask.

A dice roll will determine how many steps you ascend up the ladder – the further you progress, the greater your multiplier rewards will be. Note also that this bonus game comes with an innovative twist in that a snake can bite you as you journey up the mountain, sending you tumbling back down.

This particular Bonus Game lets you win up to 30,000 coins and gives you a taste of the room for innovation when it comes to designing a Bonus Game, from the point of view of the game provider.

Winning big through Free Spins

Most slot games also have a Free Spins feature, which are basically free turns for you. The Free Spins mode is typically triggered by a certain number of Scatter symbols landing anywhere on the reels.

Let us take Farm Ville 2 as an example. 12 Free Spins are awarded whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels. You can potentially win big on any one of these 12 Free Spins, so you should rightly be on the edge of your seat.


Multiply your winnings with a Gamble

Some slots also come with a built-in Gamble feature. This feature allows you to potentially double or even triple your winnings by presenting you with a choice.

For example, you are given two card colours to choose from: red or black. If you select the correct colour, your winnings will be doubled or even tripled. If you select the incorrect colour, however, you will lose your total bet amount.

Hit the big one with Progressive Jackpots

Certain slot games come equipped with a Progressive Jackpot feature, which is essentially a cash prize pool that grows with every spin that any player from around the world makes. IF you are lucky enough to strike the big one and win a progressive jackpot, you will win the entire real money jackpot amount that has accumulated up until that moment.

and win a progressive jackpot, you will win the entire real money jackpot amount that has accumulated up until that moment.


As you can see, real money can come to you in many different ways as you play slots, so as you browse some of the best online slot games on the market today, take note of the many different payout avenues previously described in choosing the right slot for you.

The unpredictable nature of slots is what draws many players to it. When any spin can send your real money account soaring, you cannot help but be kept on the edge of your seat. From innovative Bonus Games and exhilarating Free Spins modes to daredevil Gamble options, online slots offer a multitude of ways to win real money and have fun in the process.

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